ALICE-MARSH ELMER.  Photographer.

Photography is a way of perceiving where the world becomes your toy.  With a camera, 
one becomes a witness to the world; slightly removed from the interactions, and more part of the environment. With still pictures one is able to capture a copy of a moment in time, and as the shutter clicks back into place a small wall falls that closes off time and the moment changes. Through an open shutter, photographers can explore the world by
making choices about what goes in the frame, and how the world will look in the final
picture based on lighting, color, etc. People, spaces, and the environment become
concepts, theories that can be used as tools when constructing a thesis. Indeed, art can
tell a story or make an explanation. My art explores concepts of relationships and
interactions with space in the environments that I visit. 

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"Title of work"


Artwork © Alice Marsh-Elmer. All rights reserved.