Studio Work Spaces Available

Main Studio  /   Darkroom & Studio   /  Printmaking Studio

Our primary building – a mixed-use studio – accommodates artists working in a range of media, including painting, sculpture, and photography.  A separate building houses printmaking studios, as well as a black & white darkroom with adjacent studio.   


painting / sculpture / mixed media

SOPA's Main Studio is a 1400 square foot warehouse with ceiling height of approximately 14 feet.  Windows at east and west walls provide natural light. A large double door opens to a private drive, also available for artists' use.  The building features a large common space with utility sinks and work tables as well as wall and floor space.  
Adjacent to common areas, half-walls (at about 7 foot) designate
private work studios of about 10' x 11'.  Each resident artist
maintains one private studio space.   

Studios at SOPA allow for 24/7 access within a safe, pedestrian
neighborhood -- ideal for artists seeking secure space within which to establish their work practice.  

Email to arrange viewing.

darkroom & studio

SOPA's darkroom for black & white processing features dual
ventilating fans, air conditioning and a separate (lit) room for drying prints.  The darkroom's "dry" side has a counter sufficient to hold two enlargers.  A Bessler Enlarger, property of SOPA, is installed and
available for use by all resident artists.  Darkroom tenants may alternatively install their own enlarging equipment, or use the Bessler, or some combination of both.

The darkroom is shared by a maximum of three artists.  Each holds
a key for 24/7 access, however, these artists typically work opposing
hours and thus generally do not use the facility simultaneously.  The
sharing of supplies is optional, under arrangements agreed upon
among the resident artists.

A space in SOPA's darkroom is available at $250/month, utilities

Email to arrange viewing.

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